DJ equipment repair

As a DJ, some aspects of the job come without saying as a necessary part of pursuing your dream, late night shifts spent spinning, a need to continuously search for the next sample, and quality equipment. Though with even every precaution taken in the world, working crowded dance floors with people more focused on a good time then they space between them and the booth, accidents happen. A damaged piece of equipment means more than just a bad night, it can be a complete halt on your entire passion as you attempt to find replacements or qualified technicians to repair your broken rig. And as your livelihood is placed on your equipment, there is not much room to wait around for lengthy repairs as every day lost is another potential gig you won’t be able to play. So finding a place that can not handle your DJ equipment repair needs but also do so quick enough to ensure that you don’t miss a single night more than you need to is paramount.


At Quick Fix Technologies, we pride ourselves on being able to repair anything you can bring to us and not only that but we’ll have it ready to go before others can. Whether it is a damaged laptop, turntable, mixer, or midi controller we can have fixed and ready for your next show.

Whatever the problem may be, our qualified technicians are able to assess the damage and suggest the best course of action have your equipment back and functional. There’s no need to look for replacements or worry about transferring all of your samples to another device. So if you’re in need of DJ equipment repair in the New York area, no one will do it faster and get you back in the booth than Quick Fix Technologies.


    Quick Fix Technologies is conveniently located at 347 Fifth Avenue ste. 310 (between 33rd and 34st. st), right across from the Empire State Building. For fast computer repair in NYC, call 212-810-6432 or stop by today. We’ll be happy to repair your device fast so you can get back to normal in a flash.