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We are here to help you resolve all your data recovery problems!

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    What would you like to fix?

    Your operating system has just crashed? And do you want all your files, pictures, and music as soon as possible? Or you need help setting up your new PC and transferring files from your old one?

    Nothing can be more horror than that, just imagine if you are not able to access that data. We are here to help you resolve all your data recovery problems!

    Quick Fix Technologies have been in business since 2008 and have faced many such problems where people have lost their complete data due to device fail but we have successfully recovered all their data without losing a single file. Be it corporate or home we have helped all in getting back what is theirs, we have done data recovery, deleted file recovery and data transfer from one to another. Whatever your case we have a solution.

    Common ways to lose your data?

    • Hard disk failure – All the information is stored in hard disk so it is better to take backup of all the hard disk files but what if before you take the back up the hard disk crashes or fails. You will
    • Files deleted – After all, we are human, we by mistake delete the files that are very important and later regret that it would not be possible to recover it.
    • Virus and malware – If you are connected to internet world it gives you lots of option to explore but also has high level of risk to expose your laptop to virus and malware that can affect your laptop or device eventually deleting important files.

    All the above problems are unavoidable whatever precautions are taken these things can take place. The best you can do is to take the backup files of data on daily basis, but if you are busy and do not have time for that just leave that to professionals who will take backup of your data on daily basis and you do not have to worry about it a bit.

    We are not limited to data recovery of laptop or desktops we help you in recovering data of digital cameras, SD cards, iPhone/iPads, USB sticks and all such devices. So we are the store which has a solution to everything at one place. We have always upgraded us as per the technology changes and always been one step ahead of competitors.

    Why choose us?

    Quick Fix Technologies New York provide all kind of data recovery or data transfer solutions. You may wonder why I should choose this guy’s there are lots of other repair shops who provide this service. Well here are few reasons to choose us over others.

    • Experienced, qualified and reliable technicians;
    • Instant solution to all your needs;
    • Use of professional tools so no file is missed while recovery;
    • Affordable price and quality service;
    • Friendly support.

    Why Choose Quick Fix for Computer Repair?



    Jack Bigio
    Jack Bigio
    I rely on Ifix to bail me out of my frustrating PC issues. Very professional and punctual.
    Raisa Dynova
    Raisa Dynova
    Thank you so much for reasonable price
    Nugzar Kvashilava
    Nugzar Kvashilava
    Thank you guys for amazing service and quick response.
    Mavjuda Turapova
    Mavjuda Turapova
    Thank you guys, for amazing service.
    Steven Kopstein
    Steven Kopstein
    Quick fast and affordable battery replacement for my macbook! Great job - easy walk in - very professionals and knowledgable. THANKS!
    tanhum oren
    tanhum oren
    Nice and professional. Tim is a great guy.
    Fera Ostrovsky
    Fera Ostrovsky
    Rita Povolotskaya
    Rita Povolotskaya
    5 stars repairs store. Thank you guys.
    nargis djamankulova
    nargis djamankulova
    Thank you guys for amazing service.

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    All our craftsmen have extensive experience in repairing appliances and have undergone the necessary training.

    How Fast Are Your Services?

    We have worked with all types of clients and perform quality repairs

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    We offer affordable services and guarantee excellent quality. We won’t add any extra fees or
    charges later. You pay after services are finished. After we finish, we provide
    you with warranty for the service.