Quick Fix Technologies is a company focuses on computer and electronics repairs in New York City since 2008. Our company offers a full range of computer fix and technical support.  We can fix any electronic device including, but not limited to laptops, desktops, MacBooks, iMacs, phones and tablets. Also we give a full service in home or small business networking including wireless network and network printer setup.


We are all living in a tech-equipped world. On the one hand, our technological gadgets make life more efficient and convenient. On the other hand, we are all overly dependent on these gizmos. So if your iPhone of MacBook are not working – you are out of business. If you can’t answer emails on the go, they begin to pile-up at home or office. If your laptop stops booting up, you are not on-schedule for that important project. Critical rapid response time is lost. That is why Quick Fix Technologies here to help.

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Another question is “Why fixing computer instead of buying a new one?”. Here is some good reasons:

  • You don’t want to re-setup everything, copy data and transfer you applications;
  • It’s less costly than buying a new one, less time consuming than reinstalling and adding all of your important software, and, frankly, a lot less aggravating;
  • You are conserving the Earth by not buying new equipment. If you buy new – they will manufacture new. More stuff to produce and worse for the Earth. The trashing of old equipment creates more non-recyclable parts returning to Earth.earth-960x300_c

Simple is that. So go green and go fix your computers! We proud that we make people happier and help to save the planet we are living on. Call now 212-810-6432 or stop by at our office 347 Fifth Ave, Ste. 310 and see just how fast Quick Fix can fix your computer.