MacBook Repair


If your Apple laptop needs urgent attention, come to us for MacBook Repair NYC – we will fix your Apple Mac Pro or Air very quickly. We understand that computer trouble, especially when on a deadline, can have serious consequences if not quickly addressed. With our professional expertise in Apple products, we work efficiently to deliver quick results for our customers. If your Macbook is not running the way it should be, trust us to do whatever possible to bring it back to working order.

We can repair all Mac models!

From Macbook screen, keyboard or battery replacement to extreme problems like Mac water damage repair, OSX data recovery or logic board fix, we have the expert knowledge and capability to address a whole range of issues that may be affecting your Apple Macbook. We know that many people depend on their devices for their livelihood. In New York, the city that never sleeps, waiting too long for a laptop to be fixed can negatively affect your income or lifestyle. For this reason, we place an emphasis on speed as well as excellence when fixing your computer. By offering high-quality Macbook repairs, we can ensure that you extend the lifespan of your device while maintaining access to important files and programs.


Why choose us to fix your MacBook?

  • Free on spot diagnostics and estimates;
  • Only original and certified replacement parts
  • Affordable price and quality services;
  • We can repair Mac Pro, Air, 12′ and Unibody models;
  • Convenient NY location – right across Empire State Building

Contact us Today for MacBook Repair NYC

In our increasingly technology-dependent world, Quick Fix NYC is there to offer a full range of Apple Macbook repair and technical support. We do repairs Macbook Pro and Air on-site as well as out-calls in the New York City area. We also repair other apple devices such as iPad, iPod, and iMac.

Can MacBook Airs be repaired?

Yes, MacBook Air can be repaired if it is taken to experts. Quick Fix owns a team of experts and engineers for MacBook Air repair in no time. 

Is it expensive to fix a MacBook?

If you are using Apple Care services without a warranty then a repair would be expensive. If you are using third-party repair services such as Quick Fix, you can get plenty of discounts on any repair. 

Is it worth it to fix a MacBook Air screen?

It depends on the damage. You can go for screen repair when other parts as hinges are not damaged. If you need to repair other parts as well as the MacBook Air screen, purchasing a new machine is a wise decision. 

Can the MacBook Air motherboard be repaired?

Yes, the logic board of the MacBook Air can be easily repaired. All you need is a professional team and tools which are available at Quick Fix. 


    Quick Fix Technologies is conveniently located at 347 Fifth Avenue ste. 310 (between 33rd and 34st. st), right across from the Empire State Building. For fast computer repair in NYC, call 212-810-6432 or stop by today. We’ll be happy to repair your device fast so you can get back to normal in a flash.


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