Mail-In Repair Service

For any repair, you can visit our shop in Brooklyn, New York. If you cannot, we are also providing mail-in repair service. You just need to follow the below steps to carefully dispatch the device. Once we get the product, we diagnose the issue, repair the device and send it back to you. 

mail-in repair service

Step 1: Packaging of the Device

At very first, you need to carefully package the device so it does not break during transit. We suggest you to use the bubble sheet to wrap a device or any similar material like foam rolls. Place your device cautiously in the slightly bigger box and pack it properly. 

Step 2: Add Details  

Stick a price or paper on the box and write your details on it. For instance:

  1. Name: xyz
  2. Email address: xyz@gmail.com 
  3. Phone number: (929) 518 1592
  4. Problem: You can add a little description of the problem you are facing with the device or add keywords like mail-in cell phone repair or mail-in screen repair. This helps us to generate a ticket. 

Step 3: Shipment of Device 

Once you pack the device, send it to our store through any courier service. We recommend using freight services that provide tracking of the device to keep you updated. 

Step 4: Diagnosis and Price Estimations 

After receiving the device, we immediately generate a ticket and send its number to your phone e-mail address. Our experienced engineers will conduct a complimentary diagnosis and update you with price estimations within 1 to 3 days.
Step 5: Repair Approval 

We will move further for repair only when you approve our price estimations. If you deny it, we send the device back to your address. Keep in note that the client is responsible for the return shipment of the device. 

Step 6: Repair Payment

We inform you regarding payment when the device is repaired. Quick Fix accepts repair payments through Zella and PayPal. We do not charge any additional amount after price estimations. Even if we do, we let you know during the process.

Step 7: Return Shipping

When we receive the payment, we ship the device back to your address. We also pack your device with utmost care. The client is responsible for the payment of the return shipment. 

Repair Warranty

Quick Fix provides a 30-day warranty on all its repair services. In between you may send back the device to fix for free.

We acknowledge your trust in our services and we looking to assist you in any device repair. We tried our best to resolve all your queries regarding our mail-in services, yet if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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Jack Bigio
Jack Bigio
I rely on Ifix to bail me out of my frustrating PC issues. Very professional and punctual.
Raisa Dynova
Raisa Dynova
Thank you so much for reasonable price
Nugzar Kvashilava
Nugzar Kvashilava
Thank you guys for amazing service and quick response.
Mavjuda Turapova
Mavjuda Turapova
Thank you guys, for amazing service.
Steven Kopstein
Steven Kopstein
Quick fast and affordable battery replacement for my macbook! Great job - easy walk in - very professionals and knowledgable. THANKS!
tanhum oren
tanhum oren
Nice and professional. Tim is a great guy.
Fera Ostrovsky
Fera Ostrovsky
Rita Povolotskaya
Rita Povolotskaya
5 stars repairs store. Thank you guys.
nargis djamankulova
nargis djamankulova
Thank you guys for amazing service.


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