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macbook air keyboard repair

Are you annoyed with the continuous pressing of keys? If yes, Quick Fix will help you with MacBook Air keyboard repair. We have a decade of experience dealing with the keyboards of MacBook Pro and Air with a limited service warranty. You have two convenient options to reach us, either by walk-in or mail-in. 

Things to Do With A Broken MacBook Air Keyboard Repair 

Quick Fix has received many complaints about Apple’s Butterfly keyboard. Apple intended to design a thinner one, but it has accepted many problems as the keys got jammed and did not press properly or repeat itself. Though Apple has turned from Butterfly to the Magical keyboard, many users are still using the old version and are vulnerable to its failure. For any issue, you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself using the simple steps below. 

  1. Reset System Management Controller 
  2. Update device
  3. Clean keys
  4. Remove junk 

If nothing works, you can get a MacBook Air keyboard repair from Apple Care but need to pay a handsome amount plus face a long waiting period. At Quick Fix, we fix a device on the same day at a reasonable price. 

Our Apple MacBook Air Keyboard Repair Or Replacement

Our team at Quick Fix has outlined three major causes of a keyboard failure: liquid spillage, component malfunctioning or damage to the cable. When it has a liquid spillage, then we replace the whole keyboard. When the single key cases are stuck or a cable connecting the keypads to the logic board is not working then we do our fixing process..

It is best to professionally examine a laptop before making any decision. As soon as we get the product, we make a diagnosis and then suggest a repair or replacement. We inform you of the price accordingly. We usually have a genuine stock available to save you time. If not, we ask you to wait a bit longer to procure a part. MacBook air keyboard repair

Quick Fix is the Best Option 

Quick Fix has a decade of experience in handling tablets and gaming consoles. Our services are most famous for Mac Pro and Mac Air laptops. Our experts are aware of single bolts and nuts in the device. They are proficient enough to deal with any major to minor issues. We will also speed up your computer to enhance its performance. In addition to this, we are offering a warranty of 1 month after every service, but we are sure you won’t need it. So, get to Quick Fix for a MacBook Air keyboard repair with free consultation and diagnosis. 

MacBook Air Keyboard Repair Cost 

MacBook Air keyboard repair cost is based on the damage and the model. We provide you with free price estimations after our diagnosis.



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Jack Bigio
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Raisa Dynova
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Nugzar Kvashilava
Thank you guys for amazing service and quick response.
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Mavjuda Turapova
Thank you guys, for amazing service.
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Steven Kopstein
Quick fast and affordable battery replacement for my macbook! Great job - easy walk in - very professionals and knowledgable. THANKS!
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tanhum oren
Nice and professional. Tim is a great guy.
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What are the common issues that require MacBook Air keyboard repair?

We have witnessed unresponsive and repetitive key problems. The proficient team of Quick Fix resolve all the issues with a MacBook Air keyboard. 

How can I identify if my MacBook Air keyboard needs a repair?

When you are typing a word and the letter has stuck or mistyped means a keyboard needs to be fixed. You can troubleshoot the problem using a DIY kit like cleaning the keypads or you can send the device to us for inspection. 

How long does a MacBook Air keyboard repair typically take?

Quick Fix does not take longer for a MacBook Air Keyboard repair. For the repair of key cases and cable ribbons, we take a few days. If it is a whole board replacement, then we take a day. 

Do you provide free estimates for MacBook Air keyboard repair?

Yes, Quick Fix does provide free price estimation of MacBook Air keyboard repair. When we get the device, we do a complimentary diagnosis and update you with the price.