MacBook Hinge Repair In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

macbook hinge repair

When a screen is unable to stand in its position or makes a strange sound, means the hinges of a laptop are loosened. Do not obstruct productivity—reach out to Quick Fix- a MacBook hinge repair shop in New York. You may also avail of our mail-in service at minimal rates. 

How To Do a MacBook Hinge Repair

Hinges are the movable part of a laptop and loosen easily. We have witnessed this problem in the Pro and Air models. If you are a one struggling with a broken hinge, you can contact Apple Care. The second option is using a DIY kit. Follow the simple steps

  1. Remove bottom screws
  2. Remove the clutch cover
  3. Tight hinges through screwdrivers 
  4. Reassemble the laptop 

If you are afraid of any additional damage, You can contact Quick Fix for a device repair. 

Our Process of MacBook Hinge Replacement

Once we get the device, our engineers start complementary diagnosis. We find the problem and get back to you with price estimates. When you approve, we start our job. We are well aware of the internal structure of MacBooks. The display is connected to a motherboard. If anything goes wrong, the whole motherboard is damaged. So, we remain careful throughout the repair procedure. We tighten the hinges, lubricate them and even perform replacements when required. Quick Fix also does 

macbook hinge repair

  • Screen Repair 
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Keyboard replacement
  • System upgradation 
  • And so on 

You do not need an appointment to reach us. Just fill short form on our website and get our free consultation. 

Choose Quick Fix 

When you are confused about where to go and what to do, this is where comes the rescue of Quick Fix. Our technicians and engineers can perform a MacBook hinge repair quicker than anyone else in New York. We have been in the business for over a decade and have fixed thousands of laptops, tablets and consoles. Our 7-day service is open to any customer who wants to reach us. We have a repetitive pattern of customers because they are satisfied with quality service, parts and reachable consultation. So, wait no more, get to us as soon as possible to fix a broken hinge. 

Our MacBook Hinge Repair Cost

With Apple, you need an appointment and a wait of 3 days for price estimation. With Quick Fix, the time is reduced to some hours. We provide you with an instant rate and same-day service. Even our MacBook hinge repair cost is pretty economical than many service providers in New York. For the same amount, you will also get a 30-day warranty. 

How do I fix a hinge on my Mac?

You need tools such as a screwdriver. You need to open the bottom case of a laptop, tighten the hinges and reassemble them. Some models are required to detach the motherboard. For this, we highly recommend getting a proficient MacBook hinge repair service as Quick Fix. 

How do I know if my MacBook Pro hinge is loose?

When a screen is unable to position itself straight, drops down repeatedly; when you hear strange sounds means the hinges are broken and require immediate service.

How often should you tighten MacBook Pro hinges?

It depends on the usage of a screen. You can tighten a MacBook Pro hinges only when it is loose or broken. Even for this, we suggest getting an experienced service rather than doing it by yourself. 


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