MacBook Air Repair in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

macbook air repair

A damaged MacBook Air is a big concern for many users. Instead of being worried, you must take immediate action. Quick Fix is a reliable solution for MacBook Air Repair. At our shop professionalism meets precision. Our well-trained team fixes your device without compromising on budget. You may walk in at our shop or mail your device to us. We are located in Brooklyn, New York. 

Fast and Efficient MacBook Air Repair

MacBook Air is specially designed for professionals to carry out their jobs easily. Like other laptops, MacBook Air can also be damaged and become problematic after some years. Some major problems you may face with MacBook Air are:

  • Corrosion in metals 
  • Keyboard dysfunctioning
  • Data loss
  • Battery issues
  • No audio or video 
  • Smashed screen
  • Thermal sensor problems 
  • Noisy sound in hard drives
  • Dead cables, etc. 

If you are facing any of the above issues, means you need immediate MacBook Air repair or MacBook Air water damage repair from Quick Fix. Take our free diagnosis to check the problem then we can move further for repair.

Our Services in MacBook Air Repairs 

Our MacBook Air repair is pretty famous in the market. From software upgradation to logic board repair, we deal with everything. 

MacBook Air Screen Repair

MacBook Air comes with different screen sizes. The screen of the laptop needs to be dealt with with utmost care otherwise it breaks too soon. For a smashed and damaged screen, contact Quick Fix. We have the expertise to fix any screen size of a laptop.

MacBook Air Hinges Repairmacbook air repair

MacBook Air has two hinges to maintain the position of the screen. These can get loose over time. You can fix the hinge by yourself through simple steps:

  • Remove bottom screws
  • Remove clot cover
  • Tighten hinges

For professional MacBook Air hinge repair, reach out to Quick Fix. 

MacBook Air Keyboard Repair

Apple uses a butterfly keyboard system which is replaceable and reparable. Such keyboards have constant issues such as unresponsive keys and double typing. Quick Fix has a proficient team to repair a MacBook Air keyboard in no time. 

Our MacBook Air Repair Cost

Our MacBook Air Repair cost depends on the extent of damage and the model. We Offer different pricing for all below MacBook Air models:

  • M1
  • M2
  • Retina
  • Mid 
  • And so on.

We usually resolve simple issues within hours but complicated ones take more time. We are also providing a 30-day warranty after any repair service. 

Our Additional Facilities 

There are many good names in NYC for gadget repair so why should you consider us? It is simple. With more than a decade of experience, we are well-trained to deal with major to minor issues with MacBook Air laptops. Our diagnosis and consultation are free of cost. Similarly, we are well equipped with the latest technology and tools to repair or replace any part astutely. We are also careful of your precious time and mend any device within a day. What else are you seeking? Visit our shop or mail in your device for fast and best MacBook Air laptop repair. 

Can MacBook Airs be repaired?

Yes, MacBook Air can be repaired if it is taken to experts. Quick Fix owns a team of experts and engineers for MacBook Air repair in no time. 

Is it expensive to fix a MacBook?

If you are using Apple Care services without a warranty then a repair would be expensive. If you are using third-party repair services such as Quick Fix, you can get plenty of discounts on any repair. 

Is it worth it to fix a MacBook Air screen?

It depends on the damage. You can go for screen repair when other parts as hinges are not damaged. If you need to repair other parts as well as the MacBook Air screen, purchasing a new machine is a wise decision. 

Can the MacBook Air motherboard be repaired?

Yes, the logic board of the MacBook Air can be easily repaired. All you need is a professional team and tools which are available at Quick Fix. 


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