MacBook Pro Screen Repair in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

macbook pro screen repair

To fix a cracked LCD, image flickering, and display Issues, contact Quick Fix. With a dedicated team and the latest tools, we are providing fast MacBook Pro screen repair service at our store. If your device is water-damaged and needs immediate restoration, get our Mail service. We ship the laptop back once it is fixed. 

Efficient MacBook Pro Screen Replacement 

A monitor can be easily damaged when a device slips from your hands. A water spillage may also affect the colors and contrast of a display. Sometimes, it can be repaired. If the LCD is completely damaged then it’s better to replace it. You can follow the below steps for MacBook Pro screen replacement 16-inch and other models. 

  • Shut down the laptop 
  • Unscrew the back cover
  • Remove battery
  • Remove the panel and display the assembly 
  • Replace screen 

Though the process looks easy, it is a risky job. This is why we highly recommend using the premium services of Quick Fix for MacBook Pro screen repair or replacement. 

MacBook Pro Screen Glitching Repair 

Are you experiencing blue or black horizontal lines on the display? Screen glitching is caused by a damaged display cable and graphic card. It’s a software issue that you can fix through easy changes bymacbook pro screen repair

  • Resetting SMC 
  • Resetting PRAM 
  • Cleaning  junk files 
  • Updating macOS
  • Using the Apple Diagnosis option 

If the problem remains the same even after trying the above options, use the service of our Free Consultation. Our representative will guide you about the process of MacBook Pro screen repair. 

Choose Quick Fix As You Tech Solution 

Quick Fix is not just a name, it’s a brand for resolving issues in mobiles, tablets, and game consoles. Our 15 years of experience have taught us to recruit skilled and proficient human resources, so you will be satisfied with our quality service. For replacement, we use high-quality and genuine parts. To affirm this policy, Quick Fix is providing a 30-day warranty. Along with MacBook Pro screen repair, we provide services for 

  • Battery Replacement 
  • Fan Repair 
  • Logic Board Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Hinge Tightening
  • Speaker Replacement 
  • System Cleaning 
  • System Upgradation

For more queries, speak to the representatives of Quick Fix through a form available on the site.  

MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost 

Our MacBook Pro cracked screen repair cost depends on the damage and the model you use.  We repair 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch monitors. We will inform you of a price after diagnosing the issue. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for diagnosis. 

What is the best MacBook Pro screen repair near me?

Quick Fix is the best MacBook Pro screen repair shop. You can visit our shop, that is located at 1277, Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, New York or mail the device to us. We are open 7 days a week. 

Is it possible to repair the MacBook Pro screen?

Yes, it is possible to repair a MacBook Pro screen. You can replalce a LCD or display assembly by using a DIY kit. You can also choose AppleCare but it is a costly service. For an affordable and speedy MacBook Pro screen replacement or repair, choose Quick Fix.  

Is it worth it to repair the screen on the MacBook Pro?

It depends on the damage. When a screen does not show images or videos, or remain blank with lines,  it can be fixed. When a screen is water damaged or completely smashed, it should be replaced.

How much does it cost to fix your MacBook Pro screen?

The cost to fix a cracked, smashed or damaged MacBook Pro screen depend on its size and the model in use. Get our free diagnosis; our technician pinpoint the problem; and inform you with price estimates. 


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