MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement

macbook pro logic board replacement

For MacBook Pro logic board replacement, Quick Fix is the best solution. With an understanding of over 15 years, we have experts, and tools for any device repair. We use genuine, top-quality components, same as Apple, for replacement. Bring your device to us or get our mail-in support. We are located at Bay Ridge Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Splendid MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement 

RAM, CPU, SSD, Chips, fuses, and circuits are a part of the computer board. If a device is unable to turn on, it’s a case with a motherboard, a battery, or a screen. Similarly,  device overheating is also caused by a faulty motherboard or a fan. Many reasons are responsible for its malfunctioning. It can be physically or water-damaged. Dust and debris make a layer on the board halting its working. No matter, which issue you are facing, Quick Fix is a reliable solution. Along with MacBook Pro logic board replacement, we also do

  • Screen Repair
  • Keyboard Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • System cleaning 
  • And much more 

We require some hours for simple tasks such as speaker replacement or hinge tightening. complicated matters need more time.

MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair or Replacementmacbook pro logic board replacement

If you go to AppleCare or any other third-party shop, they prefer changing motherboards to repairing because it needs extra care to deal with and the companies do not take risks. At Quick Fix, we repair the wires, change small parts as fuses, and upgrade memories if required. Only for water-damaged boards, we change it with a new one. 

MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost 

You can use a DIY kit which is available in the market for $200-$600. If you are afraid of more damage, then take an AppleCare. Apple fixes a board for free if a device is new. If not, you will have to pay a hefty amount of $700-$1300 and wait for a longer period. If you want to avoid all such hassles, contact Quick Fix. We update you about the price after conducting a free diagnosis. 

Quick Fix is a Premium Service 

Quick Fix provides a wide range of services to users of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and consoles. We have certified technicians and engineers to carry out any device repair. We do not hire any unskilled workers to play with expensive gadgets. As evidence, Quick Fix provides a 30-day repair and lifetime component warranty. If you have more queries, do not hesitate to get our free consultation. You just need to fill out a form, and our representative will connect to you.

How much does it cost to replace the logic board MacBook Pro?

Our MacBook Pro logic board replacement cost depends on the model and damage. Sometimes, we only replace small components as circuits and wires rather than the whole board. We will provide you with price estimations after free diagnosis.

Can I upgrade my MacBook Pro logic board?

Yes, you can upgrade the MacBook Pro logic board. Quick Fix provides instant CPU, drives, RAM and SSD update facility to its customers.

Does replacing a logic board erase a hard drive?

Replacing a logic board does not affect drive monetary. However, it may restrict access to data. For this, we recommend customers back up their data before taking any service. 

Why does my MacBook Pro logic board fail?

The MacBook Pro logic board get faulty with continuous use of the device, overheating, physical damage and water damage. Regardless of any issue, get our MacBook Pro repair service at affordable rates.


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