Macbook Air Screen Repair in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

macbook air screen repair

For cracked or smashed screens of a Mac laptop reach Quick Fix. Apple charges a massive amount and a DIY kit is a risky process. Quick Fix cares about money, time, and devices. We carry out MacBook Air screen repair at a minimal rate within a day. Wait no longer and book a complimentary consultation today. 

Guide For MacBook Air Screen Repair

Mac monitors are thin and fragile and can be smashed when a device slips from the hands. Quick Fix has received many complaints about shattered-screen Mac models. You can purchase a DIY kit and replace the screen by following simple guidelines

  • Shut down computer
  • Remove peripheries 
  • Unscrew the bottom cover 
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Unscrew the flex cable, fan antenna cable, and hinges
  • Remove Display Assembly and LCD panel 
  • Replace screen
  • Reassemble the laptop

If you want a fine MacBook Air M1 screen repair and the other Mac models, head to Quick Fix. 

We Are Excellent MacBook Air Screen Repair Shop 

A water-damaged laptop monitor has failed to depict images and videos. Similarly, a faulty graphic card, ribbon cable, and backlight sheet overspread colors. Quick Fix restores the LCDs of a laptop. Lastly, we also provide tips to protect a monitor using protectors and cases. We are also offering  services for MacBook Air as macbook air screen repair

  • Battery replacement 
  • Fan Repair
  • Logic board replacement
  • Keyboard Repair  
  • Trackpad repair
  • System  cleaning 

Visit our store or mail the device to us for immediate repair. We will take some hours to fix it. 

Quick Fix is a Market Leader 

Quick Fix has restored thousands of laptops, consoles, and smartphones in a time of 15 years. We have an expert and Apple-certified team of engineers who fix devices on the same day. Even to replace a screen or logic board, we use identical, high-quality parts like Apple. We are providing two convenient options to reach us. You can either visit our store or mail the device to us. We Are available 24/7 without an appointment.

MacBook Air Screen Repair Cost

The cost depends on the damage and our labor time. We provide you with free price estimations after diagnosis. Do not worry, our charges are affordable, carrying a 30-day warranty. 

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook Air screen?

Our MacBook Air screen repair cost is varied. We update you with a price only after a free inspection. We are offering market-competitive rated and premium services. 

Is it worth fixing the MacBook Air screen?

A MacBook Air screen repair won’t be costly if you fix minor issues such as a cracked display or backlight. If the screen is smashed and destroyed, then you had better replace it. 

What should I do if my MacBook Air screen is damaged?

If your MacBook Air screen is damaged, try to mend it using a DIY kit. The second option is to move to AppleCare for a screen replacement but their charges are high. We suggest taking a third-party repair service as Quick Fix. 


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