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For a shattered screen and smashed display, Quick Fix has a reliable solution. We are offering iPad screen repair to rescue the beauty of your device. With the help of our dedicated Apple-certified team, we can fix your broken display on the same day. So, wait no longer and reach our store. Just fill details in the form below and speak to our representative. 

Apple iPad Screen Repair NYC

An iPad screen can break with the slightest bump or force. Water could make a situation worse. It is advisable to use cases and protectors. Even small cracks aren’t the easiest. Here comes an obvious question, what to do next? It’s simple. Try all known options. The first is to get the DIY kit from the market and do your replacement. It carries severe risks and dangers, and can even void your AppleCare warranty. The second option is to choose AppleCare but their services are pretty expensive. You can also try a third-party repair shop as Quick Fix. We fix monitors of 

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini 

We deal with 37 different Apple tablets. If you have any with a broken display, we will fix it. 

Our Process For iPad Screen Repair

How we repair cracked iPad Screens is a main question of many clients. We divide the cracks into 3 categories. First is small cracks, usually not on the screen but over the edges. Bigger cracks are on the display. Multiple cracks cover the whole screen. We run a diagnosis to check the intensity of damage and then start the repair. We also provide other services as ipad screen repair

  • Battery Replacement 
  • How Button Repair 
  • Speakers Replacement
  • Sensors Repair
  • Upgrade Software
  • Performance improvement, etc.

A smashed display always requires replacement; however, issues such as a black display, and flickering images require software troubleshooting which is handled by our other tram. 

Why Quick Fix

Experience: Quick Fix isn’t new in the market. We have been in the industry for 15 years. In such a time, we have handled thousands of devices and gadgets. 

Numerous Restorations: Quick Fix provides services for laptops, tablets, and consoles of Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, Sony, and many other companies. 

Quality Parts: We use original displays for replacement. All the spare parts are procured from reliable suppliers. Which is why Quick Fix is also offering 1-month warranty. 

Apple Experts: We have a dedicated team to handle MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac,iPhone and other Apple devices. 

No Appointments:  We are available 7 days a week to provide free consultations to our clients. You will not need any prior booking.

Cost: Fortunately, Quick Fix has a reasonable iPad screen repair cost. Plus, we also offer free diagnosis and price estimates. All our prices are affordable and budget friendly. 

Convenience: You can visit our store on weekdays at specific times. For busy clients, we have moved a step forward with mail-in support.



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How much does it cost to replace a screen on an iPad?

Our iPad screen replacement cost depends on the price of the component, the complexity of the issue, and the labour required. We will provide you with price estimations after diagnosis. 

Can the iPad display be repaired?

Yes, the iPad display can be repaired. Quick Fix has experience in dealing with such issues for the past 15 years. We also resolve discolouration and dent marks. 

Can the iPad glass screen be replaced?

iPad glasses can be replaced but keep in mind that many fake displays are supplied in the market which may stop working after a few days. Quick Fix uses original displays, similar to an Apple,  for replacement.