MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

macbook pro battery replacement

Quick Fix is offering a MacBook Pro battery replacement service. We are a renowned shop present in the market for more than 15 years. You may visit the shop anytime as your feasibility. We are open 24/7 for our valued customers. If not, we are also offering main in-service for MacBook Pro repairs

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement by Yourself 

Open the Apple menu, choose Settings, and click Battery to find its health.  If it has a reduced life and poor health, you need to change it. You can do it by yourself using a DIY kit. Follow the simple steps below for MacBook Pro Battery Replacement 

  •  Shut down the laptop 
  • Open bottom cover 
  • Unscrew battery 
  • Disconnect the battery from the motherboard 
  • Position a new one 
  • Reassemble the laptop 

You can buy a new battery from Amazon and many other platforms, but we cannot ensure parts guarantee. Quick Fix replaces the old battery with a genuine and high quality at a reasonable price. 

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement From Apple macbook pro battery replacement

Apple provides a 1-year warranty for hardware service. When it retains less than 80% of its capacity at 1000 charge cycles, Apple replaces it free of cost. The cycle simply means when you charge a laptop from 0% to 100% and come back to 0%. You need to pay some extra charges when a battery is worn down with normal use. 

MacBook Pro Battery Repair or Replacement from Quick Fix 

Other than Apple, Quick Fix, is a much better option. We fix expanding and swelling batteries and other related issues. We perfectly position them. All batteries are compatible with the Mac model and support power reduction modes. We do MacBook Pro battery replacement 2017 and other Mac models. Our batteries offer more than 25% of efficiency. We are also providing charging port repair services. 

Why Choose Us

Quick Fix has the knowledge and expertise to carry out any restoration for Apple, Dell, Samsung, Sony, and other companies. Our expertise encompasses of knowledge, skills, and abilities that our engineers and technicians have. Being a responsible tech company, we do care about the environment. We dispose of and recycle batteries properly. Wait no more and get our free consultation today.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost

The cost for MacBook Pro battery repair or replacement depends on the model in use as well as the time required for it. We disclose the price after diagnosing the issue. Quick Fix offers market-competitive pricing with a 30-day warranty. 

How much does it cost to replace a Mac Pro battery?

The MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Cost depends on the  Mac model. We inform you of the price after a complimentary diagnosis. 

Is a MacBook Pro battery replaceable?

As per the policy of Apple, if a battery is unable to retain its 80% capacity at 1000 charge cycles, you need its replacement. At Quick Fix, we do not have such policies. You may ask for a replacement anytime you want. 

How many years can a MacBook Pro battery last?

It depends on the usage of the laptop. In a rough estimate, if you are using a MacBook Pro for 6 hours a day and charging it on the other day then a battery may last up to 5 years and 4 months. 

Why does my Mac battery drain so fast?

Applications like Zoom or Spotify, and es like Counterstrike and Minecraft have eaten a lot of energy. Worn-out physically damaged batteries also needed replacement. 


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