Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair

Rainwater, coffee, and tea may spill enough water on the laptop, damaging its internal and external parts. If you are also in the same situation, be fast! A liquid may have started corroding internal parts. Get to Quick Fix for water damage MacBook Pro repair. What you need to do is to visit our shop or mail the device to us. 

Our Advice Before Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair

Water has minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium which corrode metals as soon as they are intact with power. This oxidation may halt the functioning of a laptop, causing issues like sticky keys, speaker distortion, image flickering, and so on. You can take precautionary measures as 

  • Do not turn on the laptop 
  • Unplug devices
  • Disconnect battery
  • Disconnect logic board 
  • Keep the bottom open for drying 

Try to open a laptop after 48 hours, if you see any malfunctions contact Quick Fix. Apple does not cover liquid damage in warranty and other service providers replace every component rather than repairing it. 

Apple MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair Service 

Quick Fix is a fast and reliable water damage MacBook Pro repair shop. We encompass the following services

MacBook Pro Water Damaged Screen Repair Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair i 

Due to liquid spillage, a screen may flicker or show a blank display. Do not worry, we have the tools and expertise to position a new screen or repair the display assembly or LCD.

MacBook Pro Water Damaged Battery Replacement 

When water gets into the internal parts, the battery is most likely to be damaged in the first place. When you see slow charging or poor battery performance, bring the laptop to Quick Fix. We replace the old and damaged batteries with new and genuine ones. 

MacBook Pro Water Damaged Logic Board Replacement

A water-damaged MacBook Pro logic board is tough to fix. Our experts first diagnose the intensity of damage. If the water does not corrode metals then we only replace fuses and circuits. If the liquid makes its way to the whole board and starts corroding many of its parts, then we replace the motherboard. 

Other MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs

We are also offering system cleaning, maintenance and upgradation to the clients. Besides this, we repair broken fans, speakers, trackpads, and keyboards.  

Why Quick Fix

Quick Fix has been handling water-damaged devices for more than fifteen years. We deal with smartphones, tablets, and consoles of Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Toshiba, and many other companies. We have a certified team of technicians and engineers to carry out any repair on the same day. For complicated repairs of the motherboard and screen, our technicians take a few days. We are available 24/7 for our clients, so you can take Apple MacBook Pro water damage service as soon as the liquid spills on it. If you still have questions, feel free to ask our representative by booking a free consultation. 

Our Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair Cost

Unlike other companies, who replace everything and charge a heavy price, Quick Fix tries to repair the parts. We keep the water damage MacBook pro repair cost as low as possible. We will update the price after diagnosing the damage. At the same price, you will get a 30-day warranty. 

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook Pro with water damage?

The water damage MacBook Pro repair cost depends on the model as well as the intensity of the damage. We will update you with the price after conducting a free diagnosis. Do not worry, our services are pretty economical. 

How much water can damage the MacBook Pro?

There is no hard and fast rule. AA tiny drop if run into an internal system may start corroding the motherboard and other metals. We suggest taking a free diagnosis to check the extent of water damage in the device. 

How do I dry out my MacBook Pro?

After water spillage on the Mac Pro, 

  • Remove all peripheries
  • Open the bottom case
  • Remove all internal components
  • Dry the laptop for at least 24 hours 

If you have tried all the above options, yet the laptop is not working, bring it to Quick Fix. 

Is A MacBook Pro waterproof?

No, a MacBook Pro is not waterproof. So, if the liquid spills on it, take the repair of Quick Fix. 


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