MacBook Charging Port Repair in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

macbook charging port repair

MacBook’s charging port deteriorates over time due to overcharging or an electric short circuit in sockets. Do not be worried, Quick Fix has a team for MacBook charging port repair within a day. We also fix screens, batteries, hinges, fans, logic boards, and keyboards of MacBook Pro and Air devices. You can visit our store or mail the device to us.

How to Do a  MacBook Charging Port Repair 

All Mac devices use a MagSafe charger for fast charging. Yet, charging ports can be damaged with constant plug-ins and outs of a laptop. The moves and bends of a cord may also damage a charger. You must troubleshoot the problem by following simple steps: 

  1. Check the power outlet 
  2. Check if there is a line noise issue by unplugging the adaptor for 1 minute
  3. Try another Apple port
  4.  Remove lint or debris 
  5. Get a DIY
  6. Contact AppleCare 

Apple has a high cost plus they prioritize replacement over repair. Try the services of Quick Fix. We do the instant repair of Mac chargers. 

Qualified MacBook Charging Port Repair Service 

Should you go for a MacBook charging port replacement or repair? Leave the answer to us. Our process is simple. We first do the diagnosis. Sometimes, a laptop or a battery is not working properly. Similarly, we check whether the charger is damaged by current pass or moisture. After deep examination, we inform you of price estimates and start our process. We fix macbook charging port repair

  • MagSafe 3 connector
  • MagSafe 2 connector
  • MagSafe T connector
  • MagSafe L connector

Repairing the port of the MacBook Pro is tougher than MacBook Air. MacBook Pro contains a top case that needs to be removed first. To know more get our free consultation today. 

We Offer Premium Services

The goal of Quick Fix is to deliver fast service so your precious gadgets run smoothly. We have been in the industry for about 15 years. Now, we are susceptible to any damage in nanoseconds. Due to our vast experience, we understand the level of proficiency required to deal with expansive devices. This is why we only keep highly skilled and trained engineers. We have the best quality of stock available for replacement. You need no appointment to contact us just drop the device by our store and our professional team will start working on it.

The Cost of MacBook Charging Port Repair

The MacBook charging port repair cost is different from the MacBook charging port replacement cost. We will update you on both prices after diagnosis. Our prices are market-competitive.

Why is my MacBook Air not charging?

When a MacBook Air is unable to charge, it means it’s an issue with the charging port, cord or battery. Bring your device to us. We make a diagnosis to pinpoint the problem.

Can a MacBook charging port be fixed?

Yes, a MacBook charging port can be fixed. Quick Fix has been doing this job for 15 years. However, if we expect that the port can’t last longer then we suggest customers buy a new one. 

How much does it cost to fix a charging port on MacBook?

Quick Fix has different MacBook charging port repair costs. We let you know the price after a complimentary diagnosis. Do not worry, it won’t be charged much. 


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