MacBook Air Water Damage Repair In Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY

macbook air water damage

Water spill obstructs the functioning of the screen, trackpad, keyboard, and motherboard – leading to unexpected shutdowns and glitching images. Quick Fix is a MacBook Air water damage repair specialist. You can choose our services ranging from repair to replacement and data recovery. Do not wait any longer; visit the shop or mail the device to our store. 

Guide For MacBook Air Water Damage Repair

Water contains minerals such as magnesium and Calcium which react with power and corrode metal and fiberglass. At this point, we forbade customers to use a device as it may accelerate the corrosion process. Once the liquid is spilled, do not panic. Follow the simple steps to save a laptop: 

  • Turn off the device
  • Remove charger and accessories
  • Take out liquid from the vent 
  • Soak liquid from the surface through a soft cloth 
  • Remove all bottom screw and open the device
  • Remove battery 
  • Dry the interior of MacBook Air

Do not tilt a laptop as it moves water from the surface to internal parts. Once you have finished drying up the device, contact a repair service. Apple does not cover water damage in its warranty. Even if you take an AppleCare service, they charge a huge price. To save money and time, contact Quick Fix. 

Apple MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repair from iFix New York 

MacBook Air Water damage repair is not an easy task. It requires tools and expertise. If we find that a small repair can help to make a laptop workable, we will do it at a minimum cost. If the components are completely damaged then we prefer doing replacement over repair. Our Apple MacBook liquid damage repair service encompass:macbook air water damage

  • Screen Repair
  • Battery replacement 
  • Fan Repair
  • Trackpad repair
  • Keyboard replacement 
  • System Maintenance 
  • Data recovery
  • And much more. 

For simple tasks such as the replacement of batteries and screens, we take some hours. Complex tasks of the logic board and display repair may take a few days.   

Quick Fix is An Excellent Shop 

Quick Fix is not a new name. We have had our foot in the industry for more than 15 years. We have the privilege of fixing multiple mobiles, laptops, consoles, and tablets of Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, and Sony. Our team is highly qualified to do any repair, especially for water damage products. To replace the logic board, screen, keyboard, and trackpad, we use genuine and high-quality parts. We also do data recovery and system upgrades to enhance the performance of a device. Above all, we have waived all the appointments. You can reach us anytime in a whole week. Still have queries? Get our free consultation to remove all doubts.  

MacBook Air Water Damage Repair Cost

Our MacBook Air water damage repair cost depends on the intensity of the damage and the Mac Air model you are using. We will update you with the price only after free diagnosis. Quick Fix is pocket-friendly we won’t charge a price out of your budget plus you will get a 30-day warranty after any service. 

Is self-repairing MacBook water damage possible?

Self-repairing is possible but it is a risky job and may affect other components of a device if mishandled. We recommend you take some precautions, such as removing peripherals and opening the bottom case of a laptop to dry the water into it. Then bring it to Quick Fix for repair. 

Can a water-damaged MacBook be repaired?

Yes, a water-damaged MacBook can be repaired. Use the services of Quick Fix. We own the expertise and tools to carry out any MacBook Air water damage repair. 

How much does it cost to fix a MacBook water damage?

The cost to fix a MacBook water damage depends on the damage and the model. We will inform you of the price after diagnosis. 


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