MacBook Keyboard Repair


You do your best to take care of your computer, but now you need MacBook Keyboard repair, and you need it done fast. Your MacBook is important to you. It is one of the most efficient ways for you to get your work done, send emails, and communicate with friends and family. When your keyboard does not work the way it is intended to, all those efforts come to a frustratingly abrupt halt.
You know you can’t wait days or even a whole week to get the problem solved. You need your MacBook keyboard repaired on a time schedule that will not interfere with your personal and professional life.

Quick and Dependable Repair Services

Despite your best intentions in preserving your keyboard, we know accidents happen. Now, the keyboard to your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is in disrepair. Perhaps you dropped a heavy object on the keyboard, or grease and dirt have found their way under the keys. Perhaps you have a young child who thought your keyboard was a toy and pulled a few keys off. Those keys have now vanished into the depths of wherever lost toys disappear. Perhaps the backlight of your keyboard no longer works, making typing in dimly lit settings difficult. Perhaps you even have liquid damage to your keyboard. If this is the case, head on over to MackBook Water Damage repair, which would best fit your needs. Whatever the problem, you need someone experienced in keyboard repair to bring your laptop back into working order.


Why choose us to fix your Macbook?

  • Free on spot diagnostics and estimates;
  • Only original and certified replacement parts
  • Affordable price and quality services;
  • We can repair Mac Pro, Air, 12′ and Unibody models;
  • Convenient NY location – right across Empire State Building

    Quick Fix Technologies is conveniently located at 347 Fifth Avenue ste. 310 (between 33rd and 34st. st), right across from the Empire State Building. For fast computer repair in NYC, call 212-810-6432 or stop by today. We’ll be happy to repair your device fast so you can get back to normal in a flash.


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