PlayStation Repair

For a broken controller, damaged motherboard, or slow-speed gaming console, speak to Quick Fix. With our decade-old experience and skills, we bring back your gaming experience on the same day. You will also get a 1-month warranty after any repair. Wait no more and visit our PlayStation repair shop anytime. You can also mail- in the device, and we will deliver it back after repair.

PlayStation Repair Shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Sony has started its gaming journey with the PlayStation Classic. Since then, it has released many models to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Counter-Strike and GTA San Andreas are the best choices for PlayStation 5 gamers. However, PlayStations can be damaged when they are in continued use. Sometimes, a controller may spill into the water and stop functioning. For a damaged PlayStation, get reliable services from Quick Fix. We repair 

  • PlayStation Classic
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • PlayStation Vita

We carry out a free-of-charge diagnosis. Once we pinpoint the problem, we head back to you with price estimations. Only with you’re approval, we move forward with further repair. If you deny it, we return the product to you or discard it on your behalf.

Services At Our PlayStation Repair Shop

From fixing internal issues to repairing external problems, Quick Fix is well-trained to do any repair without causing additional damage.

PlayStation Controller Repair

The PlayStation controller is handy and can be dropped on the ground while you are playing the game. Quick Fix manages to repair game controllers at lower rates. At our repair shop, we also replace the buttons of the controller when needed.

PlayStation Hard Drive Replacement

playstation repair

A hard drive stores data and the progress of a game. If you are hearing a noisy sound or are annoyed with the continued loading of a game, the hard drive needs replacement. We replace the old and malfunctioning hard drive with a new and genuine one.

PlayStation HDMI Port Repair

If the console is blinking blue or red light, has a dead or blank screen, its HDMI port is broken and needs repair. At our PlayStation repair shop, we fix all issues with HDMI ports.

PlayStation Motherboard Repair

The motherboard is the main processing unit of a console. When a motherboard is damaged the console is dead. What you need is to repair the motherboard as soon as possible. Quick Fix repairs old, malfunctioning, and broken motherboards of gaming consoles.

PlayStation Cleaning and Upgradation Services

Dust collects in the fan and other parts of the gaming console. It may halt the functioning of the PlayStation. Similarly, a console may perform slowly as it needs system upgradation. Do not worry, we provide both services to our clients.

Sony PlayStation Repair Cost

Sony PlayStation repair cost varies. It depends on the damage and the model of the console which you are using. Be certain of our price. We are giving premium services at minimal rates. Take our free consultation today to know the price of the repair.

Why Quick Fix

At our game console repair shop, Quick Fix provides a wide range of repairs from mobile phones to laptops and gaming consoles. Unlike other PlayStation repair shops, we do not cheat our customers. We keep 100 percent transparency throughout the repair process. We also backed up the whole data so nothing could be lost. Above all, you do not need an appointment with Quick Fix. Reach our shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, or contact our representative through the website. We are open 365 days for you.


What are the most common PlayStation repairs that you perform?

Quick Fix repairs controller, fans, motherboard, HDMI ports, USB ports, Hard Drive, Disc Drive and many more parts. We also speed up the console if needed. Contact us today to fix any damage to the PlayStation.

How long does it typically take to repair a PlayStation?

For simple tasks such as system upgradation, fan cleaning and drive replacement, we usually take a few hours. Complicated tasks such as motherboard or controller repair take a few days.

Can I drop off my PlayStation for repair without an appointment?

Yes, you can drop a PlayStation without an appointment. You can also mail in your device to us. We are available 24/7 for you. 


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