PS5 HDMI Port Repair

ps5 hdmi port repair

An HDMI port is broken by frequent plugging, use of force, and dust. Once it is broken, it does not have video and audio signals. If you are facing a broken port, reach Quick Fix – a PS5 HDMI port repair shop in Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, New York. You may also send your device through mail-in services or contact us through the website. 

Things to do to Repair PS5 HDMI Port

HDMI port is used for multimedia display like audio and video during a game. It connects a console to the television. HDMI port provides high 1080 resolution along with quality audio by using Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. While the port has numerous advantages, it is also fragile. If you are facing a pixelated screen, low resolution, and no display or audio signals, the HDMI port is broken. On the first hand, you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself. 

  • Remove the outer case with screwdrivers 
  • Remove small plastic connectors 
  • Remove the motherboard and locate the HDMI port
  • Now remove the port through the solder gun 
  • Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol
  • Drop a new port and close the pins 
  • Reassemble the console

You may follow the process but be careful because a single mistake could damage the motherboard or affect any other important part. We suggest you take the services of Quick Fix for PlayStation 5 HDMI port repair. So, do not hesitate and contact us for a free consultation. 

Repair PS5 HDMI Port From Quick Fix in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

ps5 hdmi port repair

Once we get your product, our engineers completely diagnose the issue. Maybe the port is working fine but a HDMI cable has broken. After detecting the problem, we get back to you with the price estimation. With your approval, we repair the PS5 HDMI port. If you refuse to get our services, we deliver the product to your home or recycle it on your demand.

PS5 HDMI Port Repair Cost 

Quick Fix offers flexible pricing for PS5 HDMI port repair. We are market competitive and give commendable services with a minimal charge. Along with it, we also offer a 1-month warranty on any repair. You may bring back the device in between, and we will fix it free of cost.

Quick Fix Deals With Everything 

Being in the repair industry for more than 10 years, Quick Fix has hands-on experience in dealing with a wide range of products. Along with mobile, console, and laptop repair, we also offer tech services to our clients. For a replacement of an old HDMI port, we remain transparent and use genuine parts only. Also, you do not need an appointment to fix a device. Just visit our shop or contact us through the website. We are open 24/7 to troubleshoot any gaming issue for the customers. 

What should I do if my PS5 HDMI port is damaged?

For a broken PS5 HDMI port Try to troubleshoot the issue by following the simple steps above. You can also bringing the console to Quick Fix for a PS5 HDMI port repair. 

How can I tell if my PS5 HDMI port needs repair?

When there is no display or a blank screen, and no audio or video signals means the HDMI port is broken and needs immediate repair. Contact Quick Fix for HDMI port repair.

Is it possible to repair a PS5 HDMI port?

Yes, it is possible to repair a PS5 HDMI port. You just need the professional services of Quick Fix. We repair an HDMI port on a same day.

How long does a PS5 HDMI replacement take?

We do PS5 HDMI port replacement within a day. For repair, we usually take a few days. 


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