Laptop Water Damage Repair

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laptop water damage repair

Water spill is a serious issue; it can permanently halt the functioning of a device, leaving you with the only choice of replacing it. Take immediate steps after an accident and bring the device to Quick Fix. We are a renowned laptop water damage repair store who has been dealing with such problems for more than 15 years. We deeply inspect the machine and mend the affected parts at reasonable rates. Wait no more, fill out simple details in the form and get back your device in working condition.

Professional Services For Various brands

Any fluid be it rain or coffee, is severely injurious to any machine be it a tablet, smartphone, computer or any other electric gadget. As soon as the device makes contact with a liquid, the chances of short circuits are higher. Adding worse to it, liquid has minerals and salts that may start corroding various components. So, bring your system to our store. 

  • HP Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • Dell Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • Apple Laptop Water Damage Repair
  • Alienware Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • Toshiba Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • Lenovo Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • Asus Laptop Water Damage Repair 
  • And many other brands 

Even if you have a brand that doesn’t list above, let us know through the form, and we will guide you. We do offer a Mac laptop water damage repair for MacBook Pro and Air. We do fix iPads that have corroded logic boards and dent marks on the screen.

Components We Fix 

Whether you are facing screen discolouration, dent marks or repeated shutdowns, Quick Fix is resolving every issue in the device. We have a team for hardware and software troubleshooting. Out of many, some major services that we offer for laptop repair arelaptop water damage repair

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Speakers 
  • Buttons
  • Keyboard
  • Trackpad
  • Motherboard 
  • Device maintenance
  • Upgradation & speed up, etc 

We have same-day service available which is why we won’t take longer to fix any part of a computer. 

Why Us

Experienced Team: Quick Fix has a poll of dedicated staff to handle devices that have soaked moisture. They are specialised in dealing with such issues proficiently.

Quality Parts: We have a staunch policy of using only genuine parts. We purchase spare components from trustworthy suppliers only. 

Deep Inspections: Liquid submerged devices require keen inspection which you will get at at our store. We inspect every single part during our free diagnosis procedure. 

Free Consultation: We are available 7 days a week to provide consultation to our clients. You can speak to our representative and relieve all the worries. 

Convenient Service: Quick Fix is offering two convenient options. You may visit our shop located in Brooklyn or get mail-in support.  

Reasonable Price: Our laptop water damage repair cost is based on various factors like the extent of impairment, replacement price, time taken by labour, etc. After diagnosis, we will provide you with a price estimation.



Why Choose Quick Fix for Computer Repair?



Olga Alexander
Olga Alexander
great service but don't appreciate paying an extra fee for using my credit card, doesn't everyone pay with a credit card?? Or does everyone walk around with $160. in cash to fx there phone, just wondering!!!
Ahmir Davis
Ahmir Davis
I had a virus that crippled my PC, but iFixNew York had me back up and running within a few hours. Their techs were professional, explained everything clearly, and provided excellent service. Great experience overall!
Marguerite Elisofon
Marguerite Elisofon
Fixed my cordless phone in half an hour. Fast and very convenient, but not cheap.
Mikhail Eliseev
Mikhail Eliseev
Great place and awesome people! They fixed my iPad asap. I recommend this service for anyone who needs to fix their electronic devices. Very nice location. Thanks and good luck 👍
Kamini Dandapani
Kamini Dandapani
Very happy with my experience. Prompt, professional, and my computer has been fixed and is as good as new.
Max Bonthrone
Max Bonthrone
These guys are the pros! I had a super niche issue and they fixed it no problem.
Amanda J. Powers
Amanda J. Powers
Friendly and fast! So helpful!
Amer Jav
Amer Jav
Quick service. Free diagnostic review which was great.
Amaury Rivera
Amaury Rivera
Quick service, very professional, great customer service.


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How to fix a computer that got wet?

First power off the computer for at least 24 hours. Then, disconnect all peripheries, open the lower case and dry the laptop. At last, contact Quick Fix for instant restoration.

Can a laptop recover from water damage?

Any device can be recovered provided you have taken prompt actions. Turn off the device, clean the fluid and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Later, reach out to our store or mail the device to us to fix it properly. 

How much does it cost to fix a water-damaged laptop?

Water damage laptop repair costs vary. We will do a free diagnosis before giving price estimations. Rest assured, we offer market-competitive pricing and a 30-day warranty.