Laptop Water Damage Repair

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Although accidentally spilling water on your laptop can be a devastating experience, there are companies that provide laptop water damage repair

What Can Water do to Your Laptop?

Liquids can damage the internal components of your laptop or create an electrical short that can permanently damage the interior workings of the machine.

If water is spilled on the laptop, or any other liquid that doesn’t leave a residue, the computer may not suffer any damage. To find out, let the laptop sit idle and turned off for three or four days. If it turns on after that time, you’ve missed the bullet and your laptop should work just fine.

If the spilled liquid is a juice, soft drink or coffee, however, you have a problem. These liquids contain solid residue that more than likely can corrode the interior electronics.

What do I do if I Spill Liquid on My Laptop?

Regardless of the type of liquid spilled, turn off the machine immediately. Unplug the machine.If plain water is the liquid spilled, allow plenty of time (3-4 days) for it to dry before attempting to turn it on again.

If the liquid is one that leaves a residue as described above, you should take the laptop to a professional computer service that can handle the problem.

Should I Repair or Replace?

There are several good reasons why you should repair your laptop rather than spend the money to buy a new one.

1. Resetting everything, copying data and transferring applications to a new laptop is time-consuming and frustrating.

2. Repairing is less costly than buying new.

3. By repairing, you are conserving the Earth elements. If you buy a new laptop, more of earth’s raw material are needed to build it.

4. Discarding the old laptop creates more non-recyclable parts returning to Earth.

Why choose us to fix your computer?

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